dr Gretchen Good Massey University New Zealand

The T1Dialogues – Ep. 12: Dr. Gretchen Good – How to live with diabetes for 50 years

Our guest this month, Dr. Gretchen Good, is a senior lecturer in Disability and Rehabilitation Studies at Massey University in New Zealand. Her teaching and research focus on diabetes, vision impairment and blindness, disability advocacy, and disasters and disability. Mum to two young children who both live with complex disabilities, Gretchen has lived with type […]

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david ahn endocrinologist

The T1Dialogues – Episode 11: David Ahn, Endocrinologist & Program Director of the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center

In this month’s episode, we will have a captivating talk with Dr. David Ahn, Endocrinologist and Program Director of the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center in Newport Beach, California. Dr. Ahn’s passion for Endocrinology and diabetes technology was first kindled after reviewing the first iPhone-compatible glucose meter as an editor for iMedicalApps.com. He is […]

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saro arakelians VP Pharmacy Operations

The T1Dialogues – Episode 10: Saro Arakelians, VP Pharmacy Operations

Our dialogues series got a revamp!  Keeping the interesting topics and our amazing guests, our beloved series “The Dialogues” is changing its name to “The T1Dialogues”!  To kick off with the brand-new name, we have Saro Arakelians over for a delightful chat. With over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Saro is providing […]

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Diabetes strong Christel Oerum interview

The T1 Dialogues – Ep. 9: Christel Oerum, founder of Diabetes Strong

Happy New Year everybody!  We kick off our year with a delightful talk with Christel Oerum. Living with type 1 diabetes since 1997, Christel is the author of the diabetes book “Fit With Diabetes” and the main content creator on Diabetes Strong. Tune in to discover  Christel’s adventure and the motivation behind Diabetes Strong.   […]

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Renza diabetic interview

The Dialogues – Episode 8

Follow our lovely talk with Renza, diabetes advocate, and activist, who is promoting a person-centered approach to healthcare. As a Program Manager for Type 1 Diabetes and Communities at Diabetes Australia, our discussion will revolve around mental health and the stigma associated with diabetes. Find out more about how media behavior with diabetes is affecting […]

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The Dialogues – Ep. 7: Dr. Calvin Wu

Board-certified in internal medicine, pediatrics, and adult endocrinology, our guest for this episode, Dr. Calvin Wu is currently the lead endocrinologist at Steady Health, a completely virtual full-service diabetes clinic. Dive in for an in-depth talk about the healthcare system and how the integration of technology can create a better experience for patients and providers […]

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How exercise affect blood glucose?

Type 1 diabetics are always told that exercise can help them control blood glucose levels, but what most healthcare practitioners fail to explain is how to manage blood glucose while performing different types of activity. Having good glucose levels during your workouts will massively improve your mental wellbeing, confidence, and overall happiness. To understand how […]

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The Dialogues – Episode 6

In this episode, happy-go-lucky Jackson, with a different take on life and diabetes thanks to growing up in a family of T1Ds, is taking us on his crazy journey with diabetes. Find out how within a time frame of 2 years, more than a quarter of Jackson’s family discovered they have diabetes. Moreover, Jackson is […]

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Henrik technology entrepreneur diabetic

The Dialogues – Episode 5

A technology entrepreneur, Henrik and has been a Type 1 diabetic for 20 years. After getting a CGM a few years ago, he realized there is a better way to deliver diabetes care in the US. Therefore, in 2019 he launched Steady Health – A digital diabetes clinic that delivers virtual care and specializes in […]

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cgm news diabetes technology

World of CGM evolving – October news

Hello Lovely Patchers and Happy Diabetes Month!!!   The technological world of diabetes has dramatically transformed, not only helping people in managing their blood glucose levels and disease prevention but also allowing them to understand their trends so that they can take positive measures to minimize adversities. Continuous glucose monitors are one of the best […]

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56th Virtual EASD Meeting Highlights

According to the research study presented at the 56th virtual European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), held from 21-25th of September 2020, suggest that “real-time continuous glucose monitors (rt-CGM) can contribute to improving blood sugar control in people with type 1 diabetes whether they use an insulin pump or multiple daily injections (MDI).” […]

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The Dialogues – Episode 4

Welcome to the fourth episode of The Dialogues! In this episode, we have a lovely talk with Nicole – certified diabetes educator, and dietician. We will talk about diet! We will tackle down digestive problems and weight loss, more specifically the keto diet and intermittent fasting. We will myth-bust carbs and discuss the future of […]

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All About Nutrition & CGMs

Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) are devices that measure your blood glucose levels in real-time by sensing the glucose levels found in the fluid in tissues (interstitial fluid). They are worn on the skin for an average of 10-14 days or 90 days if implanted. Rather than having to prick your fingers throughout the day to […]

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The Dialogues – Episode 3 – Medtronic CGM Guardian and all things CGM

Welcome to episode three of The Dialogues, where we have over Nicola – T1D and Medtronic CGM advocate. This episode is dedicated to the Medtronic family! Tune in to find out how Nicola’s life has changed after starting using the pump, and to learn how to make the most of your reads.  Watch the entire […]

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how to build your own cgm

Own built CGM: Miaomiao + Libre

You know the feeling. You prick your finger to check your blood glucose and everything is alright. Good number. But five minutes later you feel dizzy, tired, and well, low. But like five minutes ago you were fine. Are you going to check again or not?  Hi pretty patchers! I am Talitha, 23 years old […]

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latest news about cgm devices

Latest news & updates from CGMs World – September news

Hello, patchers! As the prevalence of Type 1 diabetes is increasing day by day, so is the usage of CGMs too. This is because CGMs improve your glycemic control, provide a fast and proactive response by checking your sugar levels every few minutes. Undoubtedly, they are easy, flexible, and effective for anyone regardless of age […]

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the future of cgm

Future of CGM Technology Looks Bright

Individuals with diabetes, whether its type 1 or type 2, must check their blood sugar regularly to keep that and their A1c levels monitored and under control. Some patients test once a day, some more than 6 times a day. Pricking their fingers many times, can present a challenge for patients. Some have issues with […]

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jane overland Credentialed Diabetes Educator

The Dialogues – Episode 2 | Jane Overland

For the second episode of our series, we have invited Jane Overland. Jane is a Credentialed Diabetes Educator, Clinical Associate Professor, Nurse Practitioner, and ex-Board Member of JDRF who now runs a private diabetes clinic in Sydney called Total Diabetes Care. Jane has over 30 years of experience helping people with Type 1 Diabetes improve […]

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