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Not Just a Patch is designed to give maximum protection for your Freestyle Libre, Dexcom, MiaoMiao, Medtronic & omnipod devices.

My name is Pete – a person with type 1 diabetes – and I’m the founder of “Not Just a Patch”.

I found that activities, such as swimming and yoga was causing my CGM (FreeStyle Libre) to come loose. The fear of losing my CGM started negatively impacting my daily life. Leading me to create makeshift patches to secure my CGM sensor. Soon this idea expanded to make purpose-built patches that fit different CGM models. I tested and analysed designs, materials and adhesives and after extensive market testing, Not Just a Patch was born! 

We have a simple mission… never stop making better patches to keep CGM’s stuck on you!

A key innovation that differentiates Not Just a Patch is our “non-stick” back section of the patch to avoid sticking to the sensor, allowing you to change the patch as often as you like, without compromising your sensor. With complete coverage of the device, it gives you the confidence that your CGM sensor is protected and won’t prematurely come off.

In the process of making my own patches, I discovered a sense of self-expression that came from wearing them. From vibrant colors to discrete and transparent patches, I recognise that opinions are required to suit every wearer’s needs and style. 

Finally, to be more than just a better patch design, we donate 10% of profits to diabetes related charities who are in support of #insulin4all. We also recognise the great work that Diabetic Specialists and Clinics are doing for our community and have established a Grants Funding Program to assist their fantastic efforts.

“Not Just a Patch” is more than just a great patch, it’s about making your life a little easier, giving you more confidence while wearing your sensor, having some fun with self-expression and giving back to support those less fortunate.

Happy Patching!