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Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply Not Just a Patch
A picture is worth a thousand words, or in our case, an instruction sheet.
Print out step-by-step instructions with this link: NJaP Instruction leaflet
We also have created instructional videos on YouTube
How to apply the Original Patch
How to apply the X-Patch
What materials are used in making Not Just a Patch?
Our Original patches are made from 96% cotton and 4% spandex, our new AIR patch range is made of a unique non-woven microfiber material that feels great and sticks like a dream, offering great elasticity and allowing the skin to breathe. Our medical-quality hypoallergenic adhesive ensures that our patches will be kind to your skin.
How much does Not Just a Patch improve the sensor’s lifetime?

Using a patch for your sensor is an improvement over the standard adhesive that sensors come with.

The improvement in terms of lifetime duration varies from the type of activities you are doing, to whether the patch was applied correctly. In normal use conditions, your sensor will be able to reach its entire recommended lifetime.

Furthermore, we focus on the concept of changeability. One of our unique features is the “non-stick” section, meaning that the middle part of the patch will not stick to the actual sensor. This means you will be able to easily change the patches as often as you like to suit your activity or your fashion choices.


In what currency are your products listed?

You can change the currency in the top right of the scene (next to the shopping cart icon). You can change the currency to one of the following: USD, AUD, GBP, EUR, CAD. 

Please note that we accept international credit and debit cards in any currency. You’ll be charged the equivalent amount in your local currency.


What are the compatible devices?

Our patches are compatible with;

– FreeStyle Libre 1, 2, 3,
– Dexcom G5, G6, G7
– MiaoMiao 1, 2
– Medtronic sensors
– Omnipod devices
Please note that the Original Patch, X-Patch, AIR Patch types are compatible with multiple devices. Visit the specific device category to choose the right patch for your sensor.

Are Not Just a Patch water-proof?

The simple answer is yes. Our patches waterproof your devices, and you will not need to worry about your CGM sensor when swimming. In fact, they are designed by a T1D ocean swimmer to protect the CGM while swimming.

How can we improve the bond of the patch?

We all have different skin and lifestyles, so we have tried and tested the best products and techniques to maximize the patch adhesion. For the greatest bond follow the following steps;
1. Remove hair around the device site.
2. Remove oils from skin using SkinGlee
3. Increase tackiness of the site with SkinGlu
4. Apply the patch designed for your device
5. Lightly massage, and let the patch bond to the skin for an hour before an activity/showering

Is the adhesive safe for skin and device?

Our patches are hypoallergenic, water, and sweat-proof that last up to 7 to 14 days. One of the advantages of NJaP is that we have an optional non-stick section in the center which means that your sensor gets full protection but the patch does not have to stick to it directly. The glue is a medical-grade hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive with an approximately 2.9% reaction rate. 

Do you give samples?

We offer free samples to nurses and diabetic specialists so they may offer them to their clientele. If you are a specialist and would like samples apply here: 

Apologies as we don’t give free samples directly to consumers but we do offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Alternatively, reach out to your Diabetes Specialist Team and ask them to apply on your behalf.


How often does the patch need to be changed?

It’s dependent upon the individual’s lifestyle. That’s why we have designed the non-stick back section so the patch doesn’t stick to the device. This gives you the flexibility to change the patch if the edges start to lift up without compromising your active device. They’ll last for 2 weeks if applied correctly.

Don’t devices like the FreeStyle Libre have to be uncovered to work?

The Original patches are made of cotton and spandex and AIR patches are made from non-woven microfiber, similar to many types of normal clothing. There’s never been any report of issues due to covering the sensors. If any issues arise after submerging in water, just allow the moisture to dissipate, and the sensor will operate as normal.

How many patches in a pack?

There are 20 patches in the pack unless otherwise specified. This equates to approximately $1.50 per week.

Is this only for people with diabetes?

Originally designed for people who live with diabetes and wear devices, we realize that these patches can be used by anyone wearing a CGM sensor or device they wish to secure.


We deliver globally, all orders are fully tracked, registered, and carbon neutral. We have warehouses in Europe, North America, and Australia. All orders arrive 2-4 days from the order date.

Free shipping for orders of 2 or more packs.

Do you ship outside the US?

Yes, we deliver globally, and all orders are fully tracked, registered, and carbon neutral. We have warehouses in Europe, North America, and Australia. All orders arrive 2-4 days from the order date. We offer free shipping for orders of 2 or more packs. 

Do you have to leave the patch off for a certain amount of time?

No need to leave off. Our patches are designed to be breathable with medical-quality hypoallergenic adhesive to minimize any skin irritation. CGM sensor site rotation is sufficient enough for your skin to remain healthy.


How long does the patch last?

A patch will stick as long as you need or as long as you allow. The average CGM sensor lasts up to 2 weeks. If you follow instructions and ensure the patches bond uninterrupted,the patches will stay as long as you need.  The non-stick section allows you to change them when the edges start to lift up to have nice patches for the duration of each sensor.


What are these patches?

Not Just a Patch patches are designed to support people wearing Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) sensors and associated devices such as MiaoMiao and pumps such as Omnipod.