Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Not Just a Patch
We like to leave the middle section in place so as not to stick to your Freestyle Libre, Dexcom or MiaoMiao … given that …. we recommend peeling one side piece off then laying it over the device and sticking one side down to the skin. Then remove the other side and stick it down.


We promise …. after your third attmept…you’ll be a pro!
What is Not Just a Patch made of?
96% Cotton
4% Spandex
and some “you beaut”, top class, high quality, hypo-allergenic medical adhesive
…is that more than 100% …. go figure 😉
What is Not Just a Patch designed for?

To keep your Freestyle Libre, Dexcom and MiaoMiao devices stuck to you.

To be a little fashion statement… hey …. they do look kinda cool. Even if we do say so.

To give back …. NJaP gives 10% of profits to support ‘Insulin Access for All’ – because people should not need to ration and spare their insulin. It’s been around since 1922.

How long does NJAP stay on for?

Ahhh…always one of the top questions we get asked.

Simply . . . any company selling these patches and making bold claims about this question…be wary. There is too much variability in people and their activities to really have a concise answer on this one.

We know this much. When it comes to keeping on the Freestyle Libre, Dexcom and MiaoMiao devices, Not Just a Patch stays on as long as the other patch options on the market, we know this because market testing of 50 users who have used other patches told us that NJaP is as good if not better when it comes to ‘stickiness’.

But…here’s the kicker! The point of the design of Not Just a Patch is that you can choose to leave the middle section ‘non-sticky’, and this means that you can change patches as often as you like, to suit your activity or your fashion choices for that day. The ‘changeability’ means that ‘How long do patches stay on for ?’ might be a less relevant question.

We’ve got you (and your Freestyle Libre, Dexcom and MiaoMiao devices) covered…literally and figuratively.

ps – sorry for the War and Peace on this one…but we had to COVER it 😉

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