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njap grant winners 2023, diabetes specialist grant funding program winners

NJAP Grant Winners 2023

As people with Type 1 Diabetes, we want to recognise the amazing work that Diabetes Specialists (CDE, CDCES, et al) do to improve the lives of our  type 1 community. Health professionals are the ones assisting us with early awareness, in-depth understanding and sharing the best methods and technology to manage our blood glucose. They […]

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dexcom stelo, dexcom stelo price, dexcom stelo glucose biosensor system, dexcom stelo otc

Dexcom Stelo: First Over-the-Counter CGM Arrives!

Exciting developments in diabetes tech are here, as Dexcom has announced the first over-the-counter continuous glucose monitor. Dexcom’s Stelo CGM is the first glucose biosensor cleared by the FDA for use without a prescription. The device is designed to help people with type 2 diabetes who aren’t on insulin to monitor their blood glucose without […]

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omnipod go insulin pod for type 2 diabetes

Omnipod Go: Insulin Pods for Type 2 Diabetes

Omnipod Go: a new option for managing type 2 diabetes! Insulin pumps have been making life easier for people with type 1 diabetes for several years now. Daily insulin injections are no longer needed with a pump, and it’s easy to quickly and discreetly dose insulin. But what about people with type 2 diabetes? Up […]

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cgm side effects

CGM Side Effects and How to Avoid Them

We all experience different side effects when using a CGM (constant glucose monitor). CGM sensors are considered safe to use, but there is still a percentage of users that experience irritable side effects. In this article, we investigate what’s causing the issues and how we can avoid CGM side effects. The science of diabetes control […]

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FreeStyle Libre 14 Day System FAQS

Abbot’s FreeStyle Libre sensors are among the most widely available CGM systems, helping people with diabetes around the world to better manage their blood sugars.  The slim sensors offer accurate glucose readings and last for 14 days. The FreeStyle Libre 14-day system is one of the company’s most popular CGM systems, and we’re here to […]

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T1D Hack from a Miss World

Jackson G’day, I’m Jack, and I’m here with Nurianne Arias. She has a Type 1 Diabetes hack to share. Let’s go. Nurianne, how are you? Nurianne I’m good. Thank you so much for the invitation. I’m very excited to talk about type 1 diabetes and my personal hack. Jackson Oh, fantastic. For those (who) don’t […]

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t slim dexcom closed loop, tandem t slim x2 closed loop, t-slim x2 closed loop diy, How do I connect my Dexcom G6 to Tslim. How do I pair my Tslim with Dexcom

How to Loop With t:slim & Dexcom G6

“Looping,” “hybrid closed-loop,” and “artificial pancreas,” are the latest buzzwords in the diabetes community, and for good reason. The cutting edge closed-loop technology is designed to automatically adjust insulin dosage based on predicted blood sugar levels. To achieve this, the closed-loop pump works with a CGM. Looping is appealing to people living with diabetes because […]

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freestyle libre 2 vs libre 3, libre 2 vs libre 3, libre 2 vs libre 3 accuracy, libre 2 vs libre 3 size, libre 2 vs libre 3 price, difference between freestyle libre 2 and 3, freestyle libre 2 versus freestyle libre 3

FreeStyle Libre 3 vs Libre 2

What’s the difference between FreeStyle Libre 2 & Libre 3? Abbot continues to make advancements with its FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring technology. Over the past few years, the Libre 2 CGM system has earned a reputation as an affordable and convenient solution for managing blood sugar among people with diabetes. The new and improved […]

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Can You Swim with FreeStyle Libre?

The question ‘can you swim with a sensor’ is paramount for individuals relying on glucose management from their FreeStyle Libre when wanting to go for a swim, especially for those aiming to maintain an active lifestyle.  The short answer is yes The FreeStyle Libre sensors have an IP27 water resistance rating, allowing users to shower, […]

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Best adhesive patches for FreeStyle Libre Sensors

Finding the Best Adhesive for FreeStyle Libre

As a healthcare professional with extensive experience in diabetes management, I understand how crucial it is to find the best adhesive to protect a CGM sensor, especially  when it comes to effectively managing diabetes with a FreeStyle Libre sensor. A good patch  not only ensures the secure placement of the sensor but also allows for […]

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freestyle libre alternative sensor sites | freestyle libre sensor placement | freestyle libre sensor alternative placement

FreeStyle Libre alternative sensor sites

The FreeStyle Libre sensor which provides a non-invasive and practical way to detect glucose levels, has transformed glucose monitoring for people with diabetes. The sensor which is frequently placed on the back of the upper arm, continuously provides insights into glucose levels, allowing for improved management of the condition. In this expert guide, we’ll go […]

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Eversense CGM system

All about the Eversense CGM system

Continuous Glucose Monitoring: The Game Changer What is Eversense CGM? The Eversense Difference: How Does It Work? The Eversense Edge: Key Features The Implantation Procedure The Removal and Replacement Process The Pros of Eversense The Cons of Eversense Balancing the Pros and Cons The Accuracy of Eversense Living with Eversense Not Just a Patch: Enhancing […]

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Derek Brandt banner

Derek Brandt & Diabetes Center Berne

Derek Brandt is a person with type 1 diabetes, entrepreneur, CEO of Global Center for Technology Innovation in Diabetes aka Diabetes Center Berne (DCB), an investment committee member of the Swiss Diabetes Venture Fund & more. We explore how he is supporting startups and running trials that are changing how we manage diabetes. 2:26 Having […]

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continuous glucose monitors CGM pros and cons

Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) The Ultimate Guide 2024

*Disclaimer: All content and information in this blog is for informational and educational purposes only. This article was written by Pete Lomas (T1D) and medically reviewed by Rachael Baker, BNg, CDE, MNgPrac and Adil Maqbool, MD Last updated on 08/02/24.   This is a complete guide to the wonderful, the magical, the incredible Continuous Glucose […]

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Story behind Not Just a Patch

Pete Lomas: diabetes innovation

Welcome back to T1 Dialogues, the podcast that delves into the world of type 1 diabetes and shares inspiring stories from specialists and individuals who are making a difference in the world of diabetes. We’re thrilled to announce that Pete is back on air, shaking off the cobwebs and embarking on a new chapter with […]

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medtronic minimed 780g | medtronic mini med insulin pump | medtronic pump vs mini med | medtronic minimed 780G pump

Medtronic MiniMed 780G

Introduction Release Date FDA approval Features Closed-Loop System The Guardian Sensor Ideal demographic Look & Feel CGM & MiniMed Conclusion Intro to the MiniMed 780G Welcome to the ultimate guide to the Medtronic MiniMed 780G, a groundbreaking insulin pump system revolutionizing the lives of individuals with type 1 diabetes. The Medtronic MiniMed 780G is revolutionizing […]

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can you put freestyle libre on a tattoo | can you put a libre sensor on a tattoo

FreeStyle Libre Sensor and Tattoos

Tattoos are a form of permanent body art that involves the injection of ink under the skin.  Getting a tattoo is generally safe with the exemption of a few medical concerns with the inking process. However, the number of people that get tattoos has consistently increased over the last couple of decades and projected estimates […]

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air cgm patches | not just a patch | dexcom patches | libre patches

‘AIR’ CGM Patches – the latest innovation from Not Just a Patch

‘AIR’ CGM Patches – the latest innovation from Not Just a Patch The Why The Not Just a Patch brand name gets a lot of attention and a few silly, nonsensical comments, but that’s ok, that’s what happens when you put yourself out there. Why “Not Just a Patch”? – it is after all just […]

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