Tips & Tricks on how to make your CGM stay on longer

When it comes to your CGM there is nothing more frustrating than having it stop working or having it fall off before it runs out. While there is nothing in our power that can be done regarding the CGM’s technical aspects, there are few things that you can do to help expand your sensor lifespan.


How to make your CGM stay longer

To make things easier for you, we put up together a shortlist with actions that will help you extend the period of time you can use your sensor. 

There are 2 general aspects to be considered when using a CGM, therefore, we divided our tips into two categories, focused on your skincare routine and on the practical aspects of your CGM.


Cleanliness tips:

  1. Exfoliate your skin

    – with all the daily effort and sweating, there is a lot of dead skin that is left on. Make sure to eliminate it prior to applying your sensor.

  2. Clean and dry the sensor site

    – it’s important to wash the site twice: first, wash with soap and water and let dry. Then, scrub the site thoroughly with an alcohol wipe and let dry.

  3. Keep your skin dry

    – in order for your sensor to not stop working it is important to keep your skin around between 36°-86° F and to avoid engaging activities that make you sweat before right applying the sensor.

  4. Remove any adhesive residue

    – it is well known that sensors might leave some residue, therefore it’s important to clean the site accordingly. Consider using an adhesive remove

  5. Be careful with the products you are using

    – antiperspirant spray may help with adhesion, but deodorant might not be so good as it has extra chemicals that can irritate the skin. 

  6. Leave a product-free spot on the skin

    – while using moisturizing products it’s important to leave some product-free spots for the CGM sensor needle to stick. Otherwise, the adhesive’s chemicals could compromise the accuracy of your readings.

Sensor tips:

  1. Give your sensor warm-up time

    – if you apply the new sensor before bed, make sure the warm-up period of the sensor is complete before going to sleep.

  2. Be careful where you place your CGM

    – make sure not to place your CGM where your skin folds when you bend, where there is hair, and/or near your waistband as it will impact the sensor’s lifecycle. Moreover, make sure to change the sites with every sensor session.

  3. Keep your sensor dry

    – If you are not covering your sensor in any way and you are caught in the rain make sure to dry your sensor thoroughly by patting it with a towel.

  4. Use a patch to cover it

    – if you feel the need for extra care and assurance you can cover your sensor at any given time with a patch. Patches can be cool accessories to match with your clothes, or contrary, to make a statement by being bold. Luckily it happens that we know the best patches around (Not Just a Patch 😉).

Are you still searching for a CGM? You can find complete information about every type of CGM reading our guide. 

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