Skin Glee – 40 pack


  • Skin Cleaning Wipe – Skin Glee is the perfect wipe to use before applying your Continuous Glucose Monitoring device; It effectively cleans your skin, removing previous adhesive residues and helping your CGM stick to your skin for longer periods of time
  • Create the Perfect Surface for Your CGM – Don’t worry about your CGM falling off; Skin Glee wipes prepare your skin by removing sweat, residues, and oils that interfere with patch adhesives; Create the perfect surface for your CGM and patch to stick to
  • Say Goodbye to Glue Residues – Sometimes plain water doesn’t cut it; Skin Glee is ideal for removing CGM patches in a skin-friendly manner; Just rub on the skin towards the adhesive to help any residue come off completely
  • Helping remove your patches – wiping Skin Glee where your patch meets your skin will help ensure and easy patch removal
  • Get the Best CGM Outcomes – Skin Glu and `Not Just a Patch’ Patches are innovative, hassle-free accessories that allow you to exercise, swim, and do your routine activities without worrying about your device falling off
  • About Not Just a Patch – Not Just a Patch is designed by diabetics for diabetics; Providing maximum protection for your Freestyle Libre, Dexcom, MiaoMiao, Medtronic & Omnipod devices

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