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Dexcom G6 or MiaoMiao – Libre – Black – 20 pack


  • Wave pattern form for skin adhesion and respiration;
  • Medical quality hypoallergenic adhesive – No skin irritation;
  • Water resistance – No more worries when swimming;
  • 96% cotton and 4% spandex;
  • Elasticity like skin and muscle – Ready for your favorite activities & sports; 
  • Middle piece of the patch stays non-sticky for maximum changeability;
  • Improved sensor lifetime over 10+ days;
  • Compatible with: Dexcom G6 and MiaoMiao-Libre sensors;
  • Free shipping for any 2 packs;
  • All orders arrive 2 to 4 days from order date;
  • Shipping from our warehouses near you in Europe, North America and Australia;
  • Fully tracked and registered door to door courier service - carbon neutral.

What our customers say

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Carmen Lazaroms
Carmen Lazaroms
Not Just A Patch solved my son’s problem! We’ve been struggling with rash and allergic reactions from all kind of different sensors and stickers. Not just a patch is the only one that will make sure my son doesn’t even notice his sensor is there! Thankyou so much!!
Adela Valentina
Adela Valentina
Great product. Works really well with my daughters omnipod. Holds it together very well considering she is a very active toddler.
Gabriel Hategan
Gabriel Hategan
Incredibly good. I couldn't use the original patches from medtronic because of the alergic reactions I had. Found these patches on the net and ordered a couple. I can really recommend then. Small, stick very good, ni rest of the glue, neither on the skin nor the sensor, no red skin no alergic reaction whatsoever. 100 thumbs up 👍👍👍👏👏👏👏 Thx guys!! Big fan from Romania
Gina Rogers
Gina Rogers
After loosing a couple of sensors (and you will know that for the price of them how much that hurts) I googled what to use to hold them in and found Not Just a Patch and I am so happy I did! My sensors now feel "safe and secure" and I don't have to keep checking that it is still holding nor worry about bout banging it into doorways. I have the multi coloured box so can wear a different colour whenever I feel like it.....puts a little bit of fun into having to wear a CGM. Amazing product and price, especially when it saves the most expensive equipment. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
manon Montoya
manon Montoya
Parfait maintenant je ne mets plus que cela. Je les adores. Je fait facilement des allergies et la rien du tout!!
Maggie Evans
Maggie Evans
Highly recommend the patch for my libre sensor!! It’s so amazing and helps my sensor last the full 14 days! Also, their customer service is amazing and they reply to your messages so quickly! Couldn’t be happier with my experience
irene johnston
irene johnston
Love the colours! Can’t wait til the next colours arrive!! ( they take about 3 weeks to arrive but that’s okay! I can work with that) Easy to apply & they don’t leave that annoying residue ( when removing) some of other patches leave!!Helpful hints was useful as well - yes I read it - lol. Points out simple points clearly to help apply - when to apply - to have patch last a little longer ( such as not applying just prior to bed! Didn’t realize that would affect the patch!) It is unusual for a company to send hints- updates- responses to feedback- messages so promptly - if at all!! Makes me feel I can rely on Not Just a Patch to help me maintain my sensor easier.
Romy De Schutter
Romy De Schutter
I love NOT Just a Patch! And it looks very good.

How to apply a Dexcom overpatch

  • Step 1 - site preparation
  • Step 2 - patch selection
  • Step 3 - patch application section A
  • Step 4 - patch application section B
  • Step 5 - allow 2 hours for patch to set