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International Nurse Day Giveaway

Offer the right recognition to the nurses that are by your side in your journey!

Nursing is one of those occupations that give some much to society and can be seen to be under-rewarded in the capitalistic system that we live in.  Nurses are there caring for people in their most vulnerable states. Many, if not most of us don’t get to experience the level of service that nurses deliver to the most vulnerable – thankfully.

There’s not been too many times in recent history where the occupation of nursing has seen the level of contribution that we are seeing from our nurses today.  The literal frontline, in what must be a somewhat surreal environment, particularly in the regions worst hit by the Coronavirus.  A positive side effect of the current state of affairs is that nurses are getting some of the gratitude and recognition that they deserve every single day.  Words will never be significant enough to convey the debt that we owe these individuals putting themselves in harms way for the rest of us, and doing it with such dignity and pride.

The Credentialed Diabetes Educator (CDE) that I see to help me manage my type one diabetes is very much feeling the effects of the increased demands on the healthcare system, she is working most night now, and this is one of the better health systems in the world in a region with relatively low rates of COVID-19 transmission. It doesn’t matter if you’re an ICU or respiratory nurse, most likely if you’re in healthcare anywhere in the world right now the stakes are a little higher and the workload is bigger.

We want to say thank you to all healthcare providers and in particular nurses.  CDE’s play a crucial role in supporting people with diabetes.  So, thank you to all the nurses out there that go to work each day and think about their patients’ blood sugar levels, who listen to their patients talk about the challenges of managing diabetes and who provide advice and guidance on how to better manage their health – whether that is via prescribing CGM’s like Freestyle Libre’s, Dexcom’s or Medtronic sensors, or prescribing better nutrition and lifestyle advice. It all helps!

As a small gesture, we at NJaP have decided to run a campaign to highlight how important our nurses are.  

How to enter the contest:

  • Please tag / nominate your CDE here
  • You can tag an individual or an organization, we will just need a way to locate the individual should they win so that we can deliver the prize.
  • On the International Nurses Day, the 12th of May we will randomly pick 3 winners
  • We will send them a small gesture of our appreciation in the form of a $100 USD Audible/ Amazon voucher 

Thank you for taking the time to think about the CDE that helps you and to help us raise their profile and be celebrated and congratulated. 

Do you have any questions about the contest? Contact us!