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njap grant winners 2023, diabetes specialist grant funding program winners

NJAP Grant Winners 2023

As people with Type 1 Diabetes, we want to recognise the amazing work that Diabetes Specialists (CDE, CDCES, et al) do to improve the lives of our  type 1 community.
Health professionals are the ones assisting us with early awareness, in-depth understanding and sharing the best methods and technology to manage our blood glucose. They are always in high demand, and can always use more funding.

Diabetes Specialist Grant Funding Program

We at NJAP have established an annual Grant Funding program to assist them in assisting us (diabetics). As we want to ‘spread the love’ around the globe for greater impact, we have split the grant into 3 and are offering it to specialists located in North America, Europe and Australia/New Zealand. It may just be a drop in the ocean when it comes to financially assisting the global diabetes healthcare system, but we hope it can make a positive impact to 3 specialists that make a world of difference to people with diabetes.

Apply for this year’s Grant Funding Program 

Enter for an opportunity for 1 of 3 $1,500 available to Diabetes Nurse Educators who are making an impact.

Grant Winners of 2023

We received many amazing applications for last year’s Grant Funding Program. Selecting just 3 was tough process. We thoroughly sifted through specialists who matched the funding program criteria. And only after careful consideration did we select three outstanding individuals confident in their potential to achieve great things with this investment. 

We want to extend a thank you to each that participated. Your proposals were inspirational and a testament to the exceptional talent and dedication present in the nursing community. 

A big congratulations to the three 2023 grant winners, Nadia Roberts, Anna Reinwand, and Rebecca (Beck) Newton, for their projects and applications.

AU/NZ Grant Winner: Beck Newton

Beck Newton, is doing groundbreaking work in addressing the correlation between disordered eating and eating disorders in people with type 1 diabetes. There are unique challenges faced by individuals with type 1 diabetes, who are more likely to develop disorders around food. And there is a need for specialized support. In our conversations with Beck, she helped explain the different types of eating disorders that diabetics can develop. The stand out was learning about the condition where one manipulates weight via insulin rationing, commonly known by the diabetes community as ‘diabulimia’ – which can lead to dangerous health consequences.

Beck is using the grant to help fund greater awareness by educating healthcare professionals about the unique challenges faced by individuals with type 1 diabetes and eating disorders is essential for early detection and intervention.

Connect with and follow Becks work
Instagram: eatlivewellau
Website:  EatLiveWell

EU Grant Winner: Nadia Roberts

Nadia Roberts is the founder of Discovering Diabetes UK, a charity that aims to raise awareness about diabetes and provide free health screenings.

In our conversation, Nadia shared her journey in diabetes care. She realized how crucial early detection is for effective management and the prevention of complications. She explains the work of Discovering Diabetes is to provide free health screening in low economical communities via pop-up clinics. She emphasizes the need for community-based approaches and empowering individuals to make positive lifestyle changes. The grant is assisting Nadia with the medical assets – such as the portable HbA1c readers – that Discovering Diabetes rely on to provide in-depth free screening for people at risk of diabetes.

Connect and follow Nadia work
Instagram: discoveringdiabetesuk

North America Grant Winner: Anna Reinwand

Anna Reinward is from Oklahoma State Medical Center, located in downtown Tulsa. The Oklahoma State Medical Center focuses on helping underprivileged patients with diabetes by providing free classes, and resources.

In our conversation with Anna and her colleague Michele, they highlighted the importance of education and awareness in managing diabetes and reducing stigma. Anna and Michele emphasized that there are available programs and resources for those in need and to encourage individuals to seek assistance and not ration their insulin.

The grant will enable the hospital to offer free test strips to patients without insurance, ensuring they have access to essential blood glucose monitoring.

Once again, thank you to everyone for applying to the first edition of this Grant Funding Program. You are doing an amazing job in your fields!

If you or a colleague wish to apply, applications are now open for this year’s Grant Funding Program 2024.
Winners will be announced in January 2025.

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