dexcom g6 vs freestyle libre

Dexcom G6 vs Freestyle Libre [My Personal Experience]

I wore a Dexcom G6 & a Freestyle Libre for 7 days and this is how it went!

Let’s start with the disclaimers because they’re important and influence the results.  


dexcom vs freestyle libre

dexcom vs freestyle libre


I’ve been wearing the Freestyle Libre CGM for several years and I am a big fan.  It’s improved my HbA1c significantly (7.9 to 6.7). So the Dexcom G6 always had an uphill battle in this n=1 clinical trial. I’d heard great things about the G6.  Specifically that it was more accurate, so I was intrigued and hopeful. The G6 did not demonstrate more accuracy in this test.  


dexcom vs freestyle libre dexcom vs freestyle libre dexcom vs freestyle libre

*the time on the Freestyle blood glucose test is incorrect in all the pics but rest assured these are all the same time


dexcom vs freestyle libre  dexcom vs freestyle libre dexcom vs freestyle libre


I’ll try to spare you the hundreds of screen shots I’ve got stored and you get the point.  I did calibrate the G6 a couple of times but perhaps not enough.  Although the manufacturer does state that calibration is not needed for the G6.

Of the 20 times that I compared the three readings 17 favoured the Libre for accuracy or proximity to the blood reading.

For posterity, here’s an occasion where the G6 was more closely aligned with the blood reading.


dexcom g6 vs freestyle libre dexcom g6 vs freestyle libre dexcom g6 vs freestyle libre

* sharing my glucose readings is somewhat sensitive…I’m far from a perfect T1D!

The difference between Dexcom G6 and Freestyle Libre

Given that the G6 is sold on accuracy and also justifies its higher price point due to the supposed improved accuracy, I could possibly stop writing this article now.

I really did not expect the Libre to come out as far in front as it did (insert biases etc etc). 

The Libre also won out on ease of wearing.  It was less obtrusive and stayed on better than the G6.  The G6 felt larger than I expected and got caught on my shirt more than the Libre does.  Again this may have been due to the newness of it.

The Dexcom G6 also caused me some pain. I had experienced this sort of pain with the Libre in the early days of wearing it.  It felt like nerve pain. It was uncomfortable and it stayed painful for longer than I’d expected.  


I do not work for Abbott and I really don’t have any vested interest in any outcomes here.  As stated the G6 was up against it given my history. 

The alarms on the G6 are also supposedly an advantage and it was interesting to experience those alarms.  They can be useful, especially if you have issues with hypos while sleeping.  Not essential for me at this stage but if I was a parent of a kid with T1D then I’d favour this function. 

In summary,

I’ll be sticking with the Freestyle Libre for now, looking forward to the day we see the Freestyle Libre 3 here in Australia, suppose we need to see the Freestyle Libre 2 first. 

I wonder if Id’ been wearing a Dexcom G6 for several years, would the results be the reverse.  Perhaps!


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